FAQ Student Advisory Service

Our Student Advisory Service is often asked similar questions. This is why we decided to provide you a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), which would gradually be completed.

Please consider that the answers given here in specific cases are only indications and without legal binding. If your questions could not be answered with the help of these FAQ, please contact our Student Advisory Service (Student Advisory Service).


Due to the current situation we kindly ask you to send us your curriculum and related forms by mail or e-mail. It is currently not possible to bring them personally to the institute. If you send us your documents by e-mail, please combine everything in a single PDF file not exceeding 3MB.
Please also expect longer processing times. We thank you for your understanding.


1.  I would like to establish a curriculum for the course of General Mechanical Engineering, but I am unsure about the choice of my courses.

Establish early your curriculum (you may provide 2-3 variants) with the courses based on your interests (that is important!) and contact us or visit the consulting hours of Prof. Radermacher (Consulting hours of Prof. Radermacher).

2.  I already have established my individual curriculum and do not need any other advice. What should I do next?

Please put your curriculum along with the required documents (question 4) into the letterbox of the Student Advisory Service at the Chair of Medical Engineering (in front of the secretary’s office). If there are any questions left you will get an E-Mail from us. Normally the processing takes 2-5 working days. Afterwards (if agreed upon) your documents will be forwarded to the Board of Examiners. If we haven’t contacted you within a week, you can assume that your curriculum was sent to the Board of Examiners. If you do not want us to forward your documents because of substantial reasons, please note it down on the application. In that case you can pick up your curriculum at our Student Advisory Service.

Please note that Prof. Radermacher is the coordinator of the course and can only “recommend” your curriculum. The approval of the Board of Examiners is still required!

3.  What are the CP limits of the separate modules of the Master program?

The number of credit points in each module is defined by the exam regulation (Prüfungsordnung):

Technical-natural scientific module: at least 18 and not more than 22 CPs
Module general mechanical engineering: at least 13 and not more than 18 CPs
Specializations: not more than 29 CPs
Excursions: not more than 2 CPs

A deviation of ±10 CPs in each division is permitted if you don’t exceed the overall limit of 60 CPs. From 60 CPs it is not allowed to select any other course (for example: 63 CPs are permitted, if all courses have >3 CPs).

4.  Which documents do I have to submit appended to my curriculum?

When you are having your curriculum approved for the first time, please submit a list of your Bachelor courses (for RWTH-Bachelor’s students: summary of grades on RWTHOnline) additionally to the form for the curriculum.

5.  I am interested in a course which is not included in the catalogue. Is there any possibility for me to enroll in the course anyway?

At the module of General Mechanical Engineering you can enroll in courses which are not included in the catalogue only to a limited extent and providing special justification.

Please submit the Endorsement form together with your form for curriculum changes, copys of previously granted forms, a copy of your original curriculum and an overview of the new curriculum.

Please contact our Student Advisory Service (Lukas Theisgen) (Student Advisory Service (Lukas Theisgen).

Additional courses or examination results from abroad are excluded from this regulation.

6.  I already have an approved curriculum but I want to change a course. What do I have to do?

First, you have to choose the right form (Forms). There is a form for external changes at another university and one for internal changes at RWTH. Please open the forms only with Adobe Reader, otherwise drop-down menus will not be displayed. Accordingly, the forms should only be filled out electronically. In case of external changes, please submit the form direct to the Board of Examiners. In case of internal changes, please insert the form for curriculum changes into our letterbox in front of the secretary’s office. In both cases, attach a copy of your signed former curriculum and all previous changes to your curriculum as a record. If there are extensive or complex changes, it could be helpful to attach a new curriculum (with a new version number on the document). This new curriculum should be just a help to provide an overview and will not be signed. In case of external changes, attach course descriptions, as well.

7.  How can I find out if my curriculum was approved?

If we do not contact you within two weeks, then you can expect that your curriculum has been accepted and submitted to the Board of Examiners. The total processing time may take several weeks.

8.  I am within my Bachelor’s degree course right now and in the following I want to take the Master’s degree course of General Mechanical Engineering. What is necessary to take exams in advance?

If you have reached the required number of CPs (see at the Bachelor examination regulations) you can take exams in advance from the Master’s degree course. In the General Mechanical Engineering program you have to establish a curriculum for your Master first (see question 1).

9.  Can I write down courses for my Bachelor’s degree course and for the Master’s degree course which I want to take in advance, on the same application form, when I change my curriculum?

No, this is not possible. The faculty for Mechanical Engineering wants to separate the applications for courses from the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses, because at the latest when you register your Bachelor’s thesis you have to submit only the certificates of your Bachelor’s thesis.

10.  I want to hold the presentation about my internship with Prof. Radermacher, because it is predominantly about medical engineering. What do I have to consider?

First, you have to arrange a meeting via E-Mail at meditec(at)hia.rwth-aachen.de. For your presentation you should show several slides about the whole of your internship but mainly present your specialized internship. The presentation should take 5 to 10 minutes.

11.  I want to take part in an excursion and want it to be approved for my curriculum. What are the requirements?

First please talk to the organizer of the excursion (chair of RWTH) and ask if you can give a short presentation and hand over a written transcript. If agreed upon, please fill in the form for transfer of the CPs (here) and submit it to our secretary’s office.

12.  According to my letter of admission, I have to choose freely selectable courses in agreement with my student advisor. What do I have to do?

Please submit to us the Conditions form for the endorsement of freely selectable courses. You can choose any courses from the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering which are not part of your curriculum and not already included in your previous study.


13.  My question could not be answered in these FAQ. Where else can I ask?

For any questions left: Please contact our Student Advisory Service.


We ask for your understanding that we cannot accept your documents via email. Please bring all your documents to the letterbox in front of our secretary’s office.