• various CAD/CAM as well as CFD and FEM systems
  • various optical, magnetical and mechanical precision 3D localizer and digitizing systems
  • experimental- and laboratory robotic systems, modular miniaturized robot system MINARO (proprietary development), real-time development systems (dSPACE)
  • haptic input devices (e.g. Phantom 6D Highforce, omega.6 haptic device (Force Dimension, Nyon, Switzerland), RT Development environment QUARC (Quanser, Markham, Canada))
  • multi-body simulation environment (e.g. Anybody) for biomechanical analyses
  • inertial sensors for motion analysis
  • various software libraries for image processing as well as surgical planning and navigation
  • 3D X-ray systems (Siemens ISO-C-3D, Surgivisio Platform, Ziehm Vision RFD 3D)
  • shock wave- and ultrasound laboratory (i.a. medical shock wave systems, hydrophone measurement technique, 2D- and 3D- ultrasound systems as well as diverse hard- and software, sound field simulation software (PZFlex, SPFlex))
  • sanitary laboratory (disinfection equipment and steam sterilizers)
  • risk analysis software CARAD (FMEA and FTA) and mAIXuse (rewarded proprietary development for risk analysis of human-machine interaction)
  • laboratory for medical device ergonomics and usability (stationary and mobile eye tracking, Physio-Logger, computer-based workflow analysis tool, diverse software for model-, criteria- and user-based tests)
  • electronics laboratory and mechanical central workshop of the Helmholtz-Institute for Biomedical Engineering
  • biomechanics laboratory (experimental simulators for kinematic parameter studies at knee, shoulder and wrist joint)
  • ISO IEEE 11073 SDC demonstrator OR and integrated surgical workstation with various surgical equipment systems and components