Social Life

In case you were wondering what we like to do when not sitting behind our desks or working in the lab... :-)

Works Outing 2023

This year's works outing took us on a very nice canoe trip along the Lahn. At best weather, we paddled together, passed through a large number of locks, had a water fight or two, and spent a great picnic break together on the water. All this in bright sunshine.

Here are some pictures!

RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup 2023

Also this year the Chair of Medical Engineering did not miss the opportunity to participate in the RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup. The participation in this event has a long tradition at our Chair. After a convincing preliminary round, mediÄTTÄCK (team name) was able to win the eighth, quarter and semi-finals without conceding a goal. In the final against "Rattenscharfe Wunderschöne Torschuss Helden", however, it was much more exciting. After trailing twice, the winning goal was not scored until the last minute by our colleague Okan Yilmaz. Thus mediÄTTÄCK was able to secure the coveted trophy for the 7th time.

Uni-Cup 2022

After the Ice Hockey Uni Cup had to be cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to Corona, the Aachen Steelers were able to defend the title on 08.12.2022 and bring the cup back to Faculty 4 with the help of Matías de la Fuente in the team of professors. Since 2004, the Aachen Steelers have now won the Ice Hockey Uni Cup for the ninth time and are ahead of the Medical Strikers.

St. Martin 2022

After a long break due to the pandemic, we were able to get together again this year to eat St. Martin's goose.

Water Ski Trip in Seminar Week 2022

As part of a seminar week in September 2022, we made a trip to the Dürener Badesee and went water skiing.

Christmas Hike 2021

In December 2021, in compliance with all Corona measures, some mediTECs went on a Christmas hike through the Schlangenberg nature reserve.

Works Outing 2019

Summer time is lake time here at mediTEC! This year with temperatures rising to 36°C we went with 38 students and employees to test our skills at Stand Up Paddling on the nearby Rursee. It's not that easy to stand on such a shaky board, but the more balanced among us can even do yoga on the SUPs. After 3 hours of paddling, swimming and sunbathing we had a barbecue buffet, enjoyed homemade desserts and played games until the evening.

Campus Run 2019

The eleven-member MediÄTTÄCK team, a mixture of students and staff, was also strongly represented in 13 runs at the 3rd campus run of the RWTH Aachen University. The good mood among the own runners and fans was already heated up in the run-up by numerous in-house bets.

Seminar Week in Kleinwalsertal 2019

In March 2019 our chair visited the Kleinwalsertal in Austria for the annual seminar week. The main objectives were the review of lectures and the quality management system, but also publications regarding our research activities. Besides the daily work there was also time for skiing, hiking and snowboarding.

Uni-Cup 2018

At the annual ice hockey event of RWTH Aachen (Uni-Cup), Anne and Matias were members of the professors’ team of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. A huge fan base celebrated them for their athletic achievements and for their unique outfits.

Strong Viking 2018

End of June, mediTEC sent out four of its bravest warriors. The whole team, headed by the viking chieftain Philipp Schleer, finished the 19km long obstacle run with a big smile and lots of mud on their faces.

Campus Run 2018

At this year's RWTH campus run, mediTEC put a colorful mix of employees, alumni and family members into the starting field. Both at the FunRun over 4.6km and the FitnessRun over 9km mediTEC runners were represented.

Seminar Week in Kleinwalsertal 2018

For the seminar week this year we went back to Kleinwalsertaal. In addition to the daily work, we also had time to enjoy the ski slopes in the surrounding area.

Works Outing 2017

At this year’s work outing we wanted to set our sights high, which lead us to the climbing forest in Aachen. Everybody, student and non-student employees, went to their limit and beyond. They balanced on bicycles or bobby-cars over heavily swinging suspension bridges, rushed through the treetops on flying foxes and jumped out of dizzy heights. After all that thrill everybody regained their power during a BBQ and an enjoyable evening.

Here are some pictures!

Seminar Week in Zillertal 2017

In march 2017 we went to Zillertal in Austria for our annual seminar week. Among many lectures and discussions, there was a bit free time and socializing on the schedule.

Works Outing 2016

Anyone who reads along here will notice that we like to change our natural habitat, the laboratory or the desk, and get active in sports. And what do you do when the temperatures are high in the summer, especially if you normally love winter sports and water? That's right. Water skiing! This year we went to Langenfeld with our staff and student employees of mediTECS, where we did a few laps on the track.

Here are some pictures!

CeMPEG Usability Challenge 2015

This year again just before Christmas, a mentor group meeting took place in combination with the very popular CeMPEG Usability Challenge. While eating Chrismas cookies and drinking hot wine punch, the mediTEC students and the mentor group learned the importance of usability in the medical context. They had to adjust a C-arm (with and without a positioning support) and they could test an integrated surgical working station as well as a planning- and navigation system for hip resurfacing.

Works Outing 2015

This year our works outing took part on a golf course in Cologne Pulheim. Here everyone had the chance to putt on the green and make the golf balls fly on the range.

Here are some pictures!

Ice Challenge 2015

This year, the mediTEC "Ice-Challenge" tradition has been carried on. Students and staff took part at the election of the best ice princess and ice prince as well as the most courageous ice hockey player.

Here are some pictures!

Christmas Market 2014

As in the last years, the mediTEC-team visited the Aachen Christmas market.

Works Outing 2014

This year we had again a funny and sportive works outing.
Our institute went to the go-kart track in Eupen and finished the day with a barbecue and beach volleyball in Walheim.

Here are some pictures!

Welcome (back) Party for Aleks Popovic

On July 17th, Aleks Popovic and some former mediTEC colleagues performed a "maximal invasive intervention" on a roast beef (see "operation result" on the photos) and some fresh drinks. Aleks, who has been member of the mediTEC-team until 2007, received a PhD from the RWTH Aachen in 2007 and is now with Philips Research North America in Briarcliff an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University, NY. On July 18th Aleks gave an invited lecture in the frame work of the Helmholtz Symposium on Biomedical Engineering 2013 at RWTH Aachen University.

Seminar Week in Kleinwalsertal 2012

At the seminar week in 2012 we went again to Kleinwalsertal.

In addition to the daily work, consisting of lectures on dissertations and projects of our staff, we have also further improved our skills in skiing and snowboarding.

RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup 2012

After winning the RWTH Indoor soccer cup last year, the mediÄTTÄCK team entered the final for the fifth time in a row. In a thrilling match against ERC Energielücke the score after regular time was 3-3. After a deserved compensation 1 second left to play, by our goalscorer Paul, the game was decided by penalty. Unfortunately, we lost 1:2.

Cheered on by the best fans in the world, once again the second place was celebrated. Let's try again in 2013...

RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup 2011

After the unfortunately lost final last year, this year the mediÄTTÄCK team succeeded to enter the final for the fourth time in a row and to win the tournament 5:4 by penalty shoot-out against the AIA SuperSonics. The thrilling final was decided, after a deserved compensation 3:3 20 seconds left to play, by a great shot by our goalscorer Fabrice during penalty shoot-out. Our goalkeeper Anna kept 3 penalties. Once again it was shown, that our excellent soccer player girls played a major role in this victory.

Cheered on by the best fans in the world, the victory was celebrated and the cup came home again.

Works Outing 2010

This year, our institute went to Duisburg to the Wedau Park for water-skiing and the following barbecue.

Here are some pictures!

RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup 2010

After the brilliant title win last year, the mediÄTTÄCK team was able to enter the final for the third time in a row this year.

Unfortunately, our technically strong and attacking play was not rewarded and we lost 2:3 in the final.

Cheered on by the best fans in the world, the "master of the hearts" will bring  the trophy back home next year.

Seminar Week in Söllerhaus/Kleinwalsertal 2010

For the seminar week 2010 we went to Kleinwalsertal - among many lectures, there was a bit free time and socializing on the schedule.

Works Outing 2009

This year we went on a soft rafting tour as part of our works outing. We rented 3 rafting boats and drove from Hilfrath to Orsbeck. During this trip, we had a lot of fun. Some of us went on a little bike tour there. We finished our works outing with a cozy barbecue evening.

Here are some pictures!

RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup 2009

After we had unfortunately lost in the final last year, this time the mediÄTTäCK team finally won the CUP. Again 20 institutes of the RWTH Aachen University did their best and struggled for winning the trophy. With a goal difference of 26:4, not even one game lost and inspiring football on the highest level our crew finally deserved the 1st place. In an exciting final ILTIS was defeated with 2:1. Supported from our great fans the captain finally raised the trophy to the sky, while the team sang: "We are the champions...".

Works Outing 2008

After a lot of water sports in the last years, we wanted to get high into the "air". Climbing in a high ropes course in Oberhausen.

Here are some pictures!

RWTH Indoor Soccer Cup 2008

Just like last year, our team took part under the name "mediÄTTÄCK" at the RWTH Indoor soccer cup 2008. Among twenty institute teams of the RWTH Aachen University, our team was defeated after a large fight in a memorable final. As "Master of the hearts" we have offered great football and will come back the next year to win the cup...

Uni-Cup 2007

This year our chair again took part in the Uni-Cup of RWTH Aachen, the traditional Icehockey-battle between the faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Medicine.

Doerte Freisberg, Katharina Krenz, Wolfgang Lauer and a lot of mediTEC-fans actively supported the team of the Mechanical Engineers and made sure that the cup finally returned "home"... ;-)

St. Martin 2007

At St. Martin's time again some little geese had to visit Prof. Radermacher's oven...

Here are some pictures!

Works Outing 2007

In 2006 we already had water, during the seminar week we enjoyed skiing - this year it was the right time for a thrilling combination...

Here are some pictures!

Seminar Week in Kleinwalsertal 2007

For the staff retreat 2007 we went to the Kleinwalsertal - and despite the various lectures we still got a little time off to spend outside and do some socialising.

St. Martin 2006

As every year we had our traditional St. Martin's meal at Prof. Radermacher's home.

Works Outing 2006

For our annual works outing we went to the river Ourthe in Belgium, having a great time on and sometimes also in the water...

Here are some pictures!