Development of a benchmark to establish comparability of sterile processing departments in Germany

The sterile processing department (SPD) processes are crucial for maintaining health care and avoiding nosocomial infections. Against future challenges (shortage of skilled workers, scarcity of resources, ...), continuous further development of the processes is necessary. Currently, one difficulty is the lack of comparability of process performance between individual SPDs and the lack of consideration of the performance-shaping factors (PSF) for process performance.

The project aims to develop an SPD benchmark considering the needs of all stakeholders (SPDs, DGSV, authorities, operators). Based on this benchmark, individual SPD processes must be evaluated and optimized. Furthermore, a knowledge database will support the data-based exchange between the SPDs on processes, organization, and problematic devices or instruments. Based on the data, the competent authorities and SPD associations will be able to detect weak points and trends early, initiate countermeasures or create incentives for desired developments (e.g., a resource-saving mode of operation).

In cooperation with

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sterilgutversorgung DGSV e.V.



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