In-vitro Parameter Studies for the Optimization of Knee Implants using an Experimental Knee Simulator

Experimental in-vitro testing on knee simulators play an important role in the understanding of the complex biomechanics of the human knee and offer great opportunities to perform parameter studies and evaluate new implant designs. Experimental ex-vivo parameters studies with our knee simulator are an essential complementary mean for comparison with in-silico model based biomechanical simulations and parameter optimization studies. For extensive parameter optimization, both methods should enable fast and easy biomechanical analysis with various implant geometries. However, whereas in-silico parameter variation is easy and cheap, manufacturing of CoCr implants for experimental ex-vivo studies is very costly and time consuming. Therefore, different rapid prototyping (3D-printing) technologies and processes are used to evaluate implant geometries during passive, semi-active and active knee motion.

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