MoVE - Modular Validation Environment for Medical Device Networks

The integration and interconnection of medical devices has become an indispensable component of modern operating theatres in recent years. At present, the market is characterised by closed solutions from international manufacturers, so that market access for small and medium-sized medical technology manufacturers is clearly limited.

The aim of the project is therefore the further development of test procedures, which support the approval and certification process of openly-networked medical devices in the integrated operating theatre and thus enable SMEs among others to gain access to the market. To this end, a complex simulation environment (including suitable protocols, comprehensive clinical test scenarios and test fields) is developed which allows the testing and the validation of the open network of medical devices and software components with regard to various parameters.

For the development of the test platform, realistic and scenario-based simulations of an OR communication (e.g. patient data, vital parameters, alarms, data exchange between devices, etc.) and emulators for medical devices have to be elaborated. Based on standardized device descriptions, manufacturers will have to develop a software-based emulator for their devices in order to test against a virtual infrastructure and the devices of other manufacturers in a network within a comprehensive simulation environment with various realistic clinical scenarios and medical device emulators.

With the development and introduction of new methods for validating open-networked medical devices, German companies will be the first to realize the open networking of medical devices in the OR. In addition to the development support and validation of the devices, the involved SMEs are offered a potential business field for the sale of test systems and services for consulting, the implementation of interfaces and the validation of specific device combinations.


  • Chair of Medical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University
  • ICCAS - Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery, University of Leipzig
  • Institute for Applied Microelectronics and Data Technology - IMD, University of Rostock
  • UniTransferklinik Lübeck, University of Lübeck
  • Institute for Medical Informatics - IMI, University of Lübeck
  • University Hospital RWTH Aachen - Section Medical Technology
  • SurgiTAIX AG
  • Localite GmbH
  • Fritz Stephan GmbH
  • HEBU Medical GmbH
  • GADV GmbH
  • Steute GmbH
  • Synagon GmbH
  • qcmed GmbH
  • Ilara GmbH

The cluster management in the KMU NetC project is done by the OR.NET e.V. association.


The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Project results

In the context of the MoVE final meeting in December 2019 in Leipzig the results of the research project were presented to 50 representatives of industry and research. The videos of the demos and presentations are available under the following link: Lectures of the final event


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